Being the Creator of your story.

quote from the alchemist - you create your story

I keep a journal of quotes and ideas that I come across, and refer to it at times when I need insight (usually something I can’t quite put my finger on) or a reminder to keep myself grounded.  This is from the book The Alchemist, and when I first heard it – because I was listening to this book on – I bookmarked it and emailed myself a note to write it down.

Since then, I have read and re-read this idea, turning it over in my mind.  Sometimes it feels like an epiphany, other times I question it against other ideas that I believe about how much or how little control we have over things.

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Sometimes it’s broken

When I was younger and working minimum wage in customer service, I encountered many times when the business motto "the customer is always right" did not apply.  From food service to retail to office reception, sometimes it was simply unbearable to smile and nod while...

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