Hangin with the wrong crowd copy

Sometimes you attract the wrong people to your business.

An impossible-to-please customer, an uber cheap yet highly demanding client.  It happens to everyone from time to time.

But if you find yourself in a pickle on anything veering toward a regular basis, you have a personality problem.

No, I’m not saying there is something wrong with you.  But there IS something wrong with your branding.

You show the world what you want it to see.  It is completely up to you whether someone thinks your company is large or small, quirky or serious, strategic or creative.

With colors, shapes, words and energy you create a brand personality.

The problem is that many small business owners face some sort of business shame – yes I said it, shame – so they brand themselves as something they are not.

Some want to appear bigger or busier.  Analytical people try to be crafty, creatives want people to think that they work “normal” hours (when everyone knows they don’t).  New companies pretend they have been around forever, stuffy corporates re-brand with fresh colors and a ‘hip’ social campaign.


brand personality

Pretending, posing or promising anything other than what you can and want to deliver is going to get you into trouble.

Being less than honest creates a disconnect with your ideal customer, and opens you up to the wrong people.  It creates headaches and wasted opportunities – and something feels ‘off.’

Showing the truest form of your business will make it easy for the right people to identify and connect with you.

I believe it begins with your own personality.  Even if you are not the face of your company, your interests, expertise and values are foundation on which it was built.  So start by looking at the things that appeal to you.

How would you want to be talked to?  What kind of graphics and colors resonate with you?

Then consider your customers – really get inside their head.  Instead of being the company trying to sell them something, what if you were a close friend?
How would approach that?

Your branding has a big job and it’s working for you long before your phone rings.  Take it seriously, yo.