You are a powerful, creative person.

Throughout your life you have no doubt experienced moments of enlightenment and enthusiasm. When moments like this happen, you feel like the truest version of yourself.

Everything seems so clear and destined – as if every previous choice, encounter and creative thought has led you directly to this place.  It’s an incredible feeling.

This feeling often takes us by surprise and then, almost as quickly, begins to fade much like a vivid dream after waking up. You can replay the memory and repeat the profound thought, but the moment is, as always, fleeting.

These moments are proof that you are a powerful person, capable of creating great things.


Please let than sink in a moment. I simply want to remind you of your power and that you hold a unique place in this world.

There is also a mirror side to this – times when you have felt helpless, incapable and out of sync. You may have been paralyzed by fear or wound tightly into a knot of indecisive thought.

Life offers us the broad spectrum of experiences. Business offers us an opportunity to really dig into what you want to create in this world. Coaching offers you the guidance, support and conversation space to explore and build on it all.


The foundation of our coaching relationship is my belief in your power. We are in alliance for the purpose of meeting your goals, each bringing a different perspective in order to create the richest picture.

Typically your view will be more granular. You are the person living the experience and understand the nuances of your day-to-day. You see specific challenges, receive clever ideas, and are faced with common but sometimes gut-wrenching fears. You have decisions to make.


As your Coach, I provide a birds-eye view. I observe patterns, draw connections and maintain the belief in your capabilities – even when you do not. From my position I can carefully reflect what you need to see in order to help you stand in your power, make those decisions and create as your truest, most vibrant self.


Our work together is fully collaborative and developed for your needs. We can explore all facets of the business and life you’re creating – whether it’s tactical, emotional or aspirational. The magic of Coaching is in the relationship we build.


Is Coaching what you’re looking for? Let’s dive in and find out.

I have had the great pleasure of working closely with Linsi and her company Spark Collaborative for over 4.5 years. Linsi first came to us somewhat auspiciously when we were attempting to eject ourselves from the dregs of the recession and were in need of a serious “shot in the arm”.

Linsi’s Business Coaching services helped us realign with our purpose, evaluate that which did or did not any longer work, boost moral, broaden our dreams and stretch our thinking for what is possible, all with great conviction and high spirit.

She continues to be a sage for all great things that are borne from our earlier strategic planning and our firm’s continued commitment to growth.

John Feldman

Ecocentrix Landscape Architecture

They “had me at Spark.” Perfect for my small business. My first objective was to reach more women and increase my client base. From my first Session, Linsi weeded through my brain and babble and helped me identify what I needed to see.

She knew exactly what I wanted in a brand and kept me laser-focused on the most effective strategies to achieve my goals. Thank you!

Chandra Kean

The U Project


People seek Coaching for a variety of reasons. You may recognize one of these common intentions as your own.

  • I am motivated to achieve a specific goal, or goals.
  • I want to develop new skills or a different way of approaching my work.
  • I feel called to a higher purpose, and want to discover what it is or how to get there.
  • I need less stress, confusion or pressure in my life.

As a creative, your work and life are uniquely connected. Your work must bring you satisfaction; Anything less dulls your senses and depletes your energy in all areas of your life. Coaching is the powerful process of discovery, awareness. and choice that we continue to build on exponentially as you grow and our relationship deepens.


Probably, if:

1. You are actively seeking truth and cultivating awareness around your current beliefs and habits.

2. You have the desire to explore new ways of thinking and being, in order to experience a richer life.

3. You want my support and guidance to strengthen the process and be your partner in challenge and celebration.

4. You recognize the need to invest in your growth and feel energized by the commitment to your goals.

The best way to know is to experience it.

Minutes into our first session, my mind was blown! Linsi understood me and my business right away and was able to come up with great ideas on how to reach exactly the people I enjoy working with. This was just the ‘spark’ I needed to take my business to the next level.

Matt McGrane

Laboratory for Sustainable Design

Linsi is always a pleasure to work with, and I appreciate so much her fresh take on my business and how to take it from where it is, to where I want it to go. She is my go-to source for ideas and direction.

Rachel Hulan

Hulan Design

I feel as energized now as I did when I first started my business only this time I have a clear approach and know exactly what to do next.

Pam Rumi

Balanced Life Wellness

Linsi and her team at Spark Collaborative are world class! She asked me strategic questions in order to clarify my vision. She then worked closely with me to hone the look and feel of my brand, and create websites that executed my visions perfectly. I highly, highly recommend Linsi and the Spark Collaborative team!

Krystal Williams

Virtual Worker Bees

Linsi is an enormously talented professional. Her innate sense of creativity, branding and marketing are reflected not only in the clients she helps serve, but in her personal projects as well. I highly value her knowledge and sincerely recommend her expertise!

Kristina Gulino

Nook & Sea