You are Brilliant and I am excited to meet you.

Sure this is a bold statement. But I am confident it’s true and this is a great place for us to begin getting to know each other. My name is Linsi Brownson.

I help business owners create what they want.

What do you want? Do you have an inkling – a crystal clear vision – a strategic plan? Is it big and glossy, or streamlined and secure? I know you think about this, and probably often.

My clients and I build the kind of relationships that create magic for them. It’s not mystical, per se, but there truly is no better word than magic. Our work together makes things happen.

Spark Collaborative is your business BFF. We are uniquely focused on helping you level-up and we care about making it happen.

We work on the BIG STUFF through Coaching and help you get the DETAILS done with our Creative Services. Our team of talented people dream in color and run through the daytime world as professional Graphic DesignersWebsite DesignersWebsite DevelopersCopywritersMarketing Mavens and Get-er-doners. We are your creative department on demand.

Come explore what’s possible and totally doable. 

Peace, yo

About Linsi Brownson

Oh hey! It’s Linsi here, writing my own bio. This is awkward but I know you’re curious so here is what I think you’d like to know. I’ll try not to bore you to death. I live in Austin, Texas with my husband David and our two dogs Lily and Chloe. If you like dogs, they make cameos on my Instragam @linsibrownson. David and I moved from Costa Mesa, California to Austin a couple years ago – basically on a whim – where we bought our house sight unseen, gutted and remodeled it. If that sounds intense…it was…and it wasn’t.

David is a remodeling contractor and my not-too-distant career background is interior design (more on that in a moment). It also wasn’t the first time I had blinked and decided to move.

I grew up in Saint Cloud, Minnesota. I spent my freshman year of college at the U of M College of Design in Mpls/St. Paul for Interior Design. But one day, while sitting in my dorm, I had an intense experience that I have always described as a “flash forward,” where I saw what my life was going to look like in 10 years if I stayed on this path. And I didn’t like it. I did some soul searching and called my parents to tell them I was moving to San Diego.

Okay so real flash forward, I left school and moved to California. I did the broke 19-21yr old stuff and ultimately went back to school at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. That brought me to Los Angeles, where I graduated with a degree in Visual Communications and worked as a stylist and occasional art director in film/television and retail merchandising. I later landed in Orange County where I met David and went back to school to get my Bachelors in Interior Design from The Art Institute.

I worked as an Interior Designer until my husband and I created the ecommerce home furnishings brand Redefine Home. Our mission was to get people feeling connected to their homes, since home is where important moments happen. We aimed to reclaim design from being an exclusive luxury, and put the focus on what people really wanted – to feel comfortable, happy and inspired in their spaces. David and I ran our company together for a few years and then, once again, (he and) I did some major soul searching and decided to close it down.

That’s when the universe, god, fate and gumption all got together and directed me to the next thing which was Spark Collaborative. I had a strong history by then in branding, online marketing, small business startup, website & product development, design and self-help 🙂 Rather than go back to interiors as I had intended, I answered the call (literally) as people who had loved our brand began approaching me to help their small business do these things as well. After a couple months of freelance consulting I decided to hang the shingle and the rest is history. Spark has evolved and grown as I continuously explore what I am compelled to do, who I work best with and what they need and want…you know, the things that matter

Design and business are in my bones. Also woven into my soul are creative arts – acting, singing, playing piano – and personal wellness. I’ve had a lifelong education in health issues that, thankfully, led early-on to my core belief that diet, lifestyle and mindset are everything. This influences my work with clients as well as how I run my business. I am all about a holistic approach to life and business; creating space for what matters, asking important questions, and eliminating the noise in order to hear the answer that is truest for you (and me).