My name is Linsi Brownson and I am a Life Coach for entrepreneurs.

I help small business owners have a successful life that they enjoy now while they continue to create more for their future.

If you are new to me…

Welcome! This is exciting for both of us. What I do, honestly, is pretty rare. The things I teach and the way I present information is probably unlike anything you have read or tried before. It may even challenge what you have been taught your entire life.

You need to know this. It will make your life better.

I’d like to invite you to check out my podcast and get to know me a little bit, and when you are ready, reach out to schedule a private coaching session with me!

I’ve been an entrepreneur for over 10 years, and developed an arsenal of insight, tools and resources that I love sharing with other entrepreneurs.

My zone of genius is helping people get quick and powerful perspective on their most challenging issues, and identifying easy action steps to get back in the game and creating momentum.

Entrepreneurs are resilient as hell. I love the spirit and insatiable desire for knowledge and personal growth. This inspires me so much, and it’s why I am dedicated to supporting business owners in creating exactly what they want.