I recently heard someone say that a best friend is a type, not a person. I think the same applies to our best clients as well.

My best client is ultra talented, courageous, raw, always ready to dig in to the most uncomfortable parts of her business because she is committed to her goals.

She believes in herself, and her mission, but sometimes struggles to give herself credit for how far she has come and all that she has built.

She used to worry that loving her job and having fun meant that she shouldn’t charge much for her work.

She used to be afraid that people would judge her for having big dreams and taking her business seriously. And she used to believe that their judgment mattered.

She used to be very busy, believing that the more time and energy she spent the more results she would get. Learning to create space and focus only on the actions that create value and fulfillment were a game changer.

My best client tells me that she wouldn’t be where she is without me. I agree! It’s not an ego boost, it’s my reason for being here. I know exactly what she means, because I wouldn’t be where I am without my coaches!

My best clients are men and women, they come with different circumstances and goals but share these traits and challenges. And we make magic happen.

Who is your best client?