Boost Your Brain: The Four Tendencies

I am definitely a morning person, but that doesn’t mean I jump out of bed at sunrise and dive into a cold pool – Tony Robbins style.

In fact, it usually means the opposite – a slow roll, lots of thought around breakfast (despite always having a protein shake, I still like to consider my options…) and sometimes hours of reading before even touching my todo list.

I want to share one of my favorite books with you. Gretchen Rubin’s The Four Tendencies helped me shift my understanding of personalities – namely why some people need structure (like a “productive” morning routine) to get anything done, while others buck systems so hard that they often frustrate the crap out of themselves.

It may or may not surprise you to know that I am a hardcore rebel. But even as a rebel I get a lot of shit done. Why? Because I know myself and what motivates me.

No matter what your tendencies, this is an awesome framework to bring CLARITY around your habits as well as manage the, um, darker sides, of those tendencies. Beyond that, it’s also a boon to communication with your spouse, client, team, friend – you know, the people with the opposite tendencies that drive you nuts.

Being the Creator of your story.

I keep a journal of quotes and ideas that I come across, and refer to it at times when I need insight (usually something I can't quite put my finger on) or a reminder to keep myself grounded.  This is from the book The Alchemist, and when I first heard it - because I...

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Revv it up, Part 5: Your ACTION Plan

Revv it up, Part 5: Your ACTION Plan Over the last several weeks we’ve been breaking down the 5 (simple) steps to plan for your best year in business.  If you’re just joining us, take a look at what we’ve covered so far: Week 1: A year in review Week 2: Bigger...

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Revv it up, Part 4: Money Talks

Revv it up, Part 4: Money Talks Finally, that 10 gallon hat in the back of your closet has a purpose to serve.  You’re going to cover it in glitter, mod podge some dollar bills and the loose change you found on the sidewalk, and put that puppy on.   It’s time to talk...

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Revv It Up, Part 3: Set specific goals

Revv It Up, Part 3: Set specific goals If you’ve been in business a while and are working on growing, leveraging your time, or just getting A LOT busier next year then Revv It Up is your ticket.  Here’s what we’ve covered so far: Revv It Up, Part 1: Review and assess...

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Why price beating is bad for business

Pricing, ugh. Why is it so difficult to figure out what to charge for things?  Why is the learning curve so painful? There is a sweet spot for every business, that allows you to turn a profit and still deliver a greater value to your customer.  But there are usually...

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Stop hatin’ on the word Sales

Roughly .0000013% of people in this world were born with "sales" skills in their blood. (Yeah, I totally made that number up) The rest of us fall somewhere on a scale from "nah" to "ewwww" in our definition of what being a salesperson means.  And since I'm randomly...

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Sometimes it’s broken

When I was younger and working minimum wage in customer service, I encountered many times when the business motto "the customer is always right" did not apply.  From food service to retail to office reception, sometimes it was simply unbearable to smile and nod while...

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A trippy way to think about business success

Most people don't start businesses because it seems like a fun way to spend their time.  Often there is a very strong pull toward the business idea; a product that needs to be shared, a service that could be done better than it currently is.  Sometimes the idea isn't...

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