Badass Branding

Build a Magnetic 


Nix the burnout + woo your perfect people with confidence and ease.

Hey listen, we know you’ve got a good business here. You do cool things and make your clients happy.

So what’s the problem?

You’re working too hard. You are spending too much time and energy, and burning dolla bills as you try to create smoke signals that will keep your customers coming.

It’s tough to keep any momentum in this two-steps-forward, one-step-back kinda dance. When things are busy, they are nuts. When things are slow, you’re barely keeping the lights on.

We know that your dream of starting a business did not involve waking up at 3AM in a cold sweat every morning (and then accidentally dipping your hair in coffee as you drift off at your desk again). Nope. It was a little more…inspired than that.

Let’s talk about what you really need here. Consistency. Stability. Ease. Right?

You want to do more business with your best people.

This is where branding becomes magic.

Or at least it seems like magic. It’s actually a vitamix full of strategy, listening, coordination, creative fun and chia seeds (because why not?).

When you build a magnetic brand, you give your perfect clients everything they want – and then surprise and delight them by delivering even more.

They become starry-eyed. They send love notes. They keep asking “what else you got?” And they introduce you to their friends.

Meanwhile, your incredibly sexy brand is out in the marketplace wooing new sweethearts with the kind of suave confidence that indicates you have something pretty darn valuable to offer. Because you do.

Linsi and her team at Spark Collaborative were SO EASY to work with! They helped me with my logo and branding and overhauled my website.  They are great at communicating, they are in touch with current trends and they made a process that I was dreading into a good experience.

I would recommend Spark Collaborative to people who need to update their look and unlock the potential that is buried in their business. Working with Linsi and Spark Collab was a pleasure from start to finish!

Rene Rozunko

Office Manager, Steam Master, Inc.

We work with purpose-driven entrepreneurs to create magnetic brands.

Branding is not your logo, it’s the experience people have with you. This is super important to understand.

That said, visuals are one of our powerful tools for communication, especially in this modern world where overexposure leads to limited attention.

Our work is dedicated to helping established businesses tune in to what makes them magnetic, and developing the talking points, visuals, spirit and platforms that connect them with their people.

Every business is a little different (the box of chocolates metaphor flashes to mind, but those are usually disappointing and kinda gross, so we’ll just say “ya never know what you’re gonna get.”). We need to connect with you to get crystal clear on what you want, so we can design what you need. Schedule a Discovery Call with us below.

Want to know more about how we work? Cool! We do 3 things:

1. We partner with brands for ongoing support. This usually includes consulting and creative direction on all internal branding and external marketing projects.

We have an in-house design and tech team and also work directly with your staff if you have ’em (or we can help you hire them). Expect to pay $1,000-3,000 per month.

2. We create your brand foundation. This is 2-6 month project where we evaluate your existing brand – all of your assets, customer feedback and buying habits, your goals, your offer – the vital components of a magnetic brand.

Then we go to work and strategically develop your message, your look and your platforms (website, social, storefront) so that you can connect with your perfect customers. It’s pretty badass. Expect to pay $5,000-8,000.

3. We host business parties. These are web-based workshops where our Creative Director, Linsi, gets you out of your head and looking at your business in new and refreshing ways.

You’ll walk away each time with at least 1 viable action you can put to practice in your marketing and services right away. And the real gem is that business parties help you feel recharged and inspired by your business, plus you get to meet other incredible entrepreneurs in this intimate small group gathering.

Business parties are great for solopreneurs who are feeling bored, burnt out or blah about their business. Tickets are $199, parties are hosted a few times a year. Add yourself to the invite list here.

Our Clients are THE BEST!

Client love notes + letters of gratitude.

I would recommend Spark Collaborative to small business owners who are overwhelmed and trying to juggle the complexities of entrepreneurship.

Knowing we have a top notch team on our side that has our back has allowed us to focus on our talents and grow our brand in numerous ways.. We wouldn’t be where we are today without the help of Spark Collaborative over the past 8 years.

Ron and Lisa Beres

Entrepreneurs, The Healthy Home Dream Team

Spark Collaborative has been an excellent support for several email marketing campaigns. Their staff has been responsive, professional, enthusiastic, thorough, and efficient. I could not ask for a better team to work with!

I highly recommend Spark Collaborative to you.

Kirk Kirlin

Business Coach, Kirlin Coaching

I really appreciate Linsi’s talent! She has always been an out of the box thinker and offers her suggestions in an easy going way. She helped launch my blog three years ago and I always receive compliments on the clever design.

Addtionally, when I have a challenge that comes up she connects me with other talented collaborators to attack the problem, make the change and gets the blog back on its feet again quickly.

I highly recommend Linsi for any project you are contemplating. She will definitely take it to the next level.

Suzanne Stavert

Travel Blogger, Adventures of Empty Nesters

Spark Collaborative was a much needed extended team member. We are accountants, not marketing experts.

Although we knew how we wanted to present ourselves to the market we didn’t know what tactics to pursue and how to execute on them. Linsi really spent the time to understand who we were and how to translate that to copy and collateral.”

Rhett Molitor and Mike Doan

Basis 365 Accounting

Linsi has made our collaborations so fluid and feel as though Spark Collaborative is the internal Branding & Marketing department of Ecocentrix Landscape Architecture. We work extraordinarily well together, co-creating as two Designers or Designer Teams with a similarly keen eye for graphic communication. Linsi’s inclusive approach quickly endeared me her vibrant personality and style, and has since allowed me to confidently place all aspects of our marketing in her very capable hands.

Linsi produces fantastically fresh copy and maintains our blogging efforts with a voice that is unmistakably that of our firm’s identity. She and Spark Collaborative further created our current branding that is echoed in all that we do. Through e-campaigns, print collateral, website, blog posts, job signs, holiday mailers, social media, and on… Linsi and her Team have eloquently created and woven all with our branding.

I highly recommend Linsi and Spark Collaborative to any discerning company who is looking to step up their brand development and take their company to that “next level”.

John Feldman

Owner and Principal Designer, Ecocentrix Landscape Architecture

I came to Spark with only an idea that I wanted a logo. I didn’t have a design in mind or even a direction to start. Linsi was extremely helpful brainstorming ideas that fit my personality and business. I was very impressed with the professionalism, speed, and attention to detail. I highly recommend Spark’s services.

Ryan Johnson

Realtor, Keller Williams

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Linsi to create two beautiful websites, and I would not hesitate to contact her for similar projects in the future. Linsi is knowledgable, experienced, and very professional. She is very skilled at executing the vision that I have for my brands and my websites. I highly recommend Linsi and her team at Spark Collaborative!

Krystal Williams

Owner, Virtual Worker Bees

Linsi was great fun to work with and far exceeded expectations with my project. She brings high energy, humor, and creativity to our projects. In addition to the excellent work that she did, Linsi also went out of her way to locate and connect me with some other excellent service providers. I look forward to working with Linsi again.

Ted Flittner

Owner, Kinetic Engineering

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