I want to tell you something important. Life-altering.

Sometimes I like to be dramatic in my writing. It’s fun to play with words. But this is not just a fun exaggeration or colorful analogy. I really do want to change your life today.

Will you please ask yourself, honestly, am I making the progress I want to be making? 
Very few people are.

Most people struggle with taking tiny actions. They find it hard to stay focused and consistent with small tasks, and then use their struggle as evidence against their bigger dreams.

(“How am I supposed to open a retreat center when I can’t even pick a date for my yoga workshop?” << real client problem)

(“I dread writing blog posts, so I guess writing a book is out of the question.” << heard it more than once)

(“This client is bleeding me dry, but I’m broke so I guess I’m stuck with them.”<< Ugh, seriously)

When enough of these thoughts pile up, they burn you out. It’s so common. And what’s worse is when talented, passionate entrepreneurs never recover enough to fully re-enter their field of dreams. Disappointment becomes the barrier and inspiration has to fight hard to push past it.

I GET THIS. I’ve done it (x3 tyvm) and I’m not okay with letting anybody else’s spark fizzle out.

No. No No. No. Please, go after what you really want!

What are you holding back on? And why?

I’m here to help you push past your limitations.

Become great at making powerful decisions, honoring them, and getting way more shit done without zapping all your energy.

Know yourself really, really well – your habits, tendencies, motivations, fears and desires –AND love it all. You have so much power once you understand what drives you and how to optimize instead of resisting it.

Use that knowledge to get crystal clear on your purpose and align your business so that you love your work. And, no more getting sucked into the vortex of FOMO, overwhelm, comparison or freak meltdowns.

Bring in all the clients you want. All of them. Up your branding and sales game so that you can book yourself solid and hard-pass on the people who make you stress sweat every time you open your email.

Banish burnout. Organize your world based on what matters. Your energy is the fuel of your business. Ain’t nobody got time for obligations that make you feel resentful, stressed and icky.

This is the work I do with my clients. I would love to do this with you. Let’s talk about it.

Send me a text at 512-593-8607 to set up a call. Whether we decide to work together or not, this is a powerful conversation to help you make progress toward what is next for you. You will walk away with something valuable and my heart will be full.