Life Coaching for Business Owners.

You want freedom, security and stability in your business.

You know in your gut that you have something big to contribute to the world. You’re already making an impact on the clients you serve, and have ideas to grow. You see glimpses into what could be possible if you were able to fully step into that next level.


But, to be honest, lately you feel more exhausted and overwhelmed than inspired. Your success is inconsistent, because it depends heavily on you. And as hard as you are working (while your dog naps at your feet. Where did the term “working like a dog” come from? Whose dog works harder than you?) you are struggling to keep up, let alone find time and energy to focus on what could be.



You feel stuck in a Catch-22 that has you perpetually overworking, probably underearning and regularly running into obstacles that leave you feeling deflated and confused. 


Let’s be real here, you’re not really having fun right now, are you? 


Is every successful entrepreneur secretly hiding the fact that they are miserable all the time? Nope. (Phew!) There is a better way to own a business and love your life!


It’s time to realign.

Get unstuck.

Manage your time, money and talent like a boss!

Create the results that satisfy your soul.

“Working with Linsi was a wonderful experience. She has a calmness that makes the experience even better. It was great uncovering the negative emotions that were holding me back, and I couldn’t have done it without her. I would 100% recommend working with her.”

Bryan Jimenez

Web Designer + Developer


  • Stuck on a problem or idea and keep spinning your wheels, and want to get traction and accelerate faster
  • Overwhelmed by your day-to-day, and want to find a better way to navigate and be in control of what you’re getting done
  • Hitting roadblocks, and want to make sure you’re on the right course
  • Running on empty, feeling exhausted and burnt out, and want to recharge so you can love your business again


Talk to me.

I’m here to help you get your business and life back into alignment, and put you back in the drivers’ seat.

You started a business to create the income and impact you value. It’s time to deliver. You are ready to feel energized, focused and confident about what you offer and what you’re building for the future.

You’re ready to look under the hood, replace what isn’t working, and get rid of any unnecessary parts. You want to upgrade the system so that it runs smoothly, purrs like a kitten and is built to last.

We can do this together. I help you uncover hidden obstacles (the ones that create the problems you’re seeing now) and show you how to solve problems in simple and permanent ways. I’ll show you how to plan for anything, and work strategically to get it done.

She “had me at Spark.” From my first Session, Linsi weeded through my brain and babble and helped me identify exactly what I needed to see.

My first objective was to reach more women and increase my client base. She knew exactly what I wanted in a brand and kept me laser-focused on the most effective strategies to achieve my goals.”

Chandra Kean

Writer + Beauty Brand Ambassador

Schedule a coaching consultation.

This is a straightforward, inspiring and productive conversation. I’ll ask you powerful questions that create clarity on exactly what you want and need to work on so you can feel confident and purposeful about where you want to go.

Next, if we want to work together to up-level your skills, remove roadblocks, strategize and implement changes that will make your business work for you, I have a great monthly coaching option that gives you exactly what you need when you need it. You’ll get the full support of private coaching plus my business management and branding expertise.

It begins with a zero-obligation conversation, so let’s talk.

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Hi, I’m Linsi Brownson.

I coach small business owners to rediscover the spark in their business.

Over 12 years as a brand strategist, creative director and coach, I have worked with hundreds of small business owners to align their business with the lifestyle they want to have.

I combine mindset, business strategy, leadership, operations, sales, branding and marketing. This is the whole shebang, a holistic coaching approach that meets every business owner exactly where they are at, and supports them in getting to where they want to go.

Love notes from business owners like you.

Minutes into our first session, my mind was blown! Linsi understood me and my business right away and was able to come up with great ideas on how to reach exactly the people I enjoy working with.

This was just the ‘spark’ I needed to take my business to the next level.

Matt McGrane


I feel as energized now as I did when I first started my business only this time I have a clear approach and know exactly what to do next.

Pam Rumi


I have had the great pleasure of working closely with Linsi and her company Spark Collaborative for over 5 years. Linsi first came to us somewhat auspiciously when we were attempting to eject ourselves from the dregs of the recession and were in need of a serious “shot in the arm”.

Linsi’s Business Coaching helped us realign with our purpose, evaluate that which did or did not any longer work, boost morale, broaden our dreams and stretch our thinking for what is possible, all with great conviction and high spirit.

She continues to be a sage for all great things that are borne from our earlier strategic planning and our firm’s continued commitment to growth.

John Feldman

Landscape Architect

One of the joys of a creative life is setting forth and seeing where the path takes us, but sometimes we become stuck at a crossroads, even if we are experienced travellers.

When I came to such a point recently, I talked my options through with Linsi and found her to be a responsive and intelligent listener who understands the special nature of creative businesses. It was very helpful to get her fresh perspective and suggestions about ways to move forward with a brave heart and clear resolve.  

Teresa Flavin

Author and Illustrator

Linsi is a pleasure to work with, and I appreciate so much her fresh take on my business and how to take it from where it is, to where I want it to go. She is my go-to source for ideas and direction.

Rachel Hulan

Interior Designer