Coaching for Entrepreneurs

your business.

Move your business forward without setting your energy back.

You didn’t create a business to live a “Meh” life.

No. You became an entrepreneur because you knew you’d never be happy with playing someone else’s game. You wanted to live and work on purpose, using your inspiration as a way to help others.

To create your business, you had to be brave and relentless. You stepped up, rolled your sleeves and did everything in your control to make it happen.

You became more brave. More relentless. More exhausted.

And it worked.

Your business has stabilized, but you don’t feel satisfied. You feel tired, uncomfortable and a little frustrated – like you should be doing more (of what…you’re not sure). 

Obstacles that you thought had been concquered in the past are resurfacing in new ways. Bigger questions are arising and new opportunities once again feel daunting and uncertain.

You do want to accomplish something more. But you’re hesitating.

Because last time was hard. You can’t replicate that, you need a better way.

Together we will align your business to get what you really want.

What do you want from your business? I mean really want? If you were to call me up in a year, after we have worked together, and say, “Holy sh*t Linsi! You’ll never guess what just happened!”

This is the kind of relationship I have with my clients. We do BIG THINGS together.

It’s a mix of soul-searching, strategic planning, daredevil-ing and magic. We tune up your mindset and hone your communication skills. You ditch the stories that have kept you playing small (you’ve got a bigger game to play now).

I work with entrepreneurs who are committed to taking their business to a new level. They are ready to let go of exhaustion, overworking, confusion and anything that doesn’t serve their highest goals. They are ready to step into their full power as a person and entrepreneur, to realize their potential and create an impact in the world.


Let’s begin with a conversation

Start Here.

I call this a Power Coaching Session. It’s a conversation to discover what you want and how I can help you get it. My job as a coach is to help people see their mind and make powerful decisions. I don’t sell or convince, I want to quell your curiosity and give you the tools you need to move yourself forward.

If you want to talk, tell me a bit about yourself below, and I will follow up to schedule a call.

OR you can also send me a text message at 512-593-8607 to set up a conversation. Yes, really, you’ll be reaching me personally and I will get in touch within 1 business day.

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Who am I?

My name is Linsi Brownson. I’ve been an entrepreneur for over 10 years, and developed an arsenal of insight, tools and resources that I love sharing with other entrepreneurs.

My zone of genius is helping people get quick and powerful perspective on their most challenging issues, and identifying easy action steps to get back in the game and creating momentum.

Entrepreneurs are resilient as hell. I love the spirit and insatiable desire for knowledge and personal growth. This inspires me so much, and it’s why I am dedicated to supporting business owners in creating exactly what they want.

Love Notes from Maverick Entrepreneurs.

Minutes into our first session, my mind was blown! Linsi understood me and my business right away and was able to come up with great ideas on how to reach exactly the people I enjoy working with. This was just the ‘spark’ I needed to take my business to the next level.

Matt McGrane

Architect, Laboratory for Sustainable Design

I feel as energized now as I did when I first started my business only this time I have a clear approach and know exactly what to do next.

Pam Rumi

Balanced Life Wellness

I have had the great pleasure of working closely with Linsi and her company Spark Collaborative for over 5 years. Linsi first came to us somewhat auspiciously when we were attempting to eject ourselves from the dregs of the recession and were in need of a serious “shot in the arm”.

Linsi’s Business Coaching helped us realign with our purpose, evaluate that which did or did not any longer work, boost morale, broaden our dreams and stretch our thinking for what is possible, all with great conviction and high spirit.

She continues to be a sage for all great things that are borne from our earlier strategic planning and our firm’s continued commitment to growth.

John Feldman

Ecocentrix Landscape Architecture

Tune in to Spark+Victory Podcast where maverick entrepreneurs share stories,  lessons and actionable insights to help you along your journey.

One of the joys of a creative life is setting forth and seeing where the path takes us, but sometimes we become stuck at a crossroads, even if we are experienced travellers.

When I came to such a point recently, I talked my options through with Linsi and found her to be a responsive and intelligent listener who understands the special nature of creative businesses. It was very helpful to get her fresh perspective and suggestions about ways to move forward with a brave heart and clear resolve.  

Teresa Flavin

Author and Illustrator

She “had me at Spark.” Perfect for my small business. My first objective was to reach more women and increase my client base. From my first Session, Linsi weeded through my brain and babble and helped me identify what I needed to see.

She knew exactly what I wanted in a brand and kept me laser-focused on the most effective strategies to achieve my goals. Thank you!

Chandra Kean

The U Project

Linsi is always a pleasure to work with, and I appreciate so much her fresh take on my business and how to take it from where it is, to where I want it to go. She is my go-to source for ideas and direction.

Rachel Hulan

Hulan Design