First of all, you are awesome so let’s just put that on the table. You are here, looking for a confidence boost because you’re out in the world trying to do something cool, new, exciting and scary as hell – right? I can’t think of anything more awesome than leaning fully into our lives.

And good news, creating confidence is really simple. Ready?

Answer these statements:

“I am great at…”

“I love myself because…”

“I recently did an amazing job with…”

Confidence is a feeling that is created by a thought. We often believe that it’s something people innately have or don’t have, but the truth is that we can access our confidence any time, by simply creating thoughts that give it to us.

If you answered those statements genuinely, you created the feeling of confidence for yourself. Now you can apply that to anything you don’t feel confident in (but want to) by adding this to your statement:

“I am working to improve (or grow)…”

So you say “I am great at… and I am working to improve…”

It’s a simple but powerful shift. And it’s always available.


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