It's your time to shine. Magnetize your brand and do unforgettable work with clients who adore you.

We excel at helping purpose-driven companies develop their message and design their business so that they make great money, love their work and attract clients they love to work with. Our primary method is branding, which we define as any activity that aligns your true purpose with your client’s experience.

We offer a wide range of services within that framework (marketing, technical, administrative) but we focus first on making sure that your business is set up for success. Our mission is to support businesses in creating more of what they want, so we would love the chance to see how we can help you do that.

You already excel at delivering a great service. We help you get laser focused on what makes you the clear choice for your clients. Together we develop a concise, enticing and profitable brand and business model so you can find and serve in a way that makes you happy.

Having a strong and clear brand is vital to service-based businesses. Weak and inconsistent messaging creates most of the common problems that cause marketing efforts to fall flat.

The least problematic is simply fading into the noise. Your clients are out there looking for you, but they’re not noticing you. The ROI on that is crap.


Inconsistent messaging confuses your potential clients. They don’t understand how you can help them (aka, why they should care?). Generally that means they’ll just move on…


A bigger problem is that it doesn’t correctly DTR (define-the-relationship!). It leaves too much room for clients to make up their own expectations – and usually those don’t align with your plans for profit or simplicity. We’ve all had clients who really didn’t understand us, or have any concept of the work that goes into delivering on our expertise. But it’s YOUR JOB to set those expectations. And do it from the beginning.


Another issue is the freaking time investment when it comes to bidding new projects. When you don’t have a clearly defined method of operation, you go down a rabbit-hole of options, add-services and shiny object chasing every single time you have a new opportunity. There is a better way!

…PLUS, you’re probably leaving money on the table…just sayin.


By getting your brand & message really dialed-in:

    • You know exactly who you are and what you want.
    • You understand what your company needs to sustain and grow.
    • You know what you do (and do not do) and who values it.
    • You know what it takes to be profitable.
    • Your team knows exactly what they do and how they contribute.
    • Your clients can confidently hire you.

I would recommend Spark Collaborative to small business owners who are overwhelmed and trying to juggle the complexities of entrepreneurship.

Linsi and her team are creative, professional and easy to work with. As a result of understanding the value of outsourcing, we’ve been able to grow our brand in numerous way. Knowing we have a top notch team on our side that has our back has allowed us to focus on our talents and growth. We wouldn’t be where we are today without the help of Spark Collaborative over the past 8 years.

Ron and Lisa Beres

Entrepreneurs, The Healthy Home Dream Team

It’s Time to Go Pro.

Warning: This is for established business owners who are ready to enter a new phase of growth, by shedding what no longer serves and focusing your energy on what will deliver the results you want. This is not surface level shit, we go deep and your comfort zone will be tested. But victory is sweet, and those willing to do the work always win.

Our Services

Full Service Branding (logo, visual identity, website)

Website Maintenance & Tech

SEO partnership

Marketing Content Creation

Graphic Design



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We work with amazing clients.

Linsi and her team at Spark Collaborative were SO EASY to work with! They helped me with my logo and branding and overhauled my website.  They are great at communicating, they are in touch with current trends and they made a process that I was dreading into a good experience.

I would recommend Spark Collaborative to people who need to update their look and unlock the potential that is buried in their business. Working with Linsi and Spark Collab was a pleasure from start to finish!

Rene Rozunko

Office Manager, Steam Master, Inc.

The team at Spark Collaborative not only provided me a solid sounding board for the strategy of my company, but they were able to deliver on all aspects of the solution. Spark Collaborative is more than a one-stop-shop, they are a reliable partner when it comes to the overall marketing strategy for my business from digital media to the look and feel of my business speaking directly to my target market and prompting them to take action – Spark Collaborative is the answer.

Stephanie Barrymore

Consultant, The Selling Method

Spark Collaborative has been an excellent support for several email marketing campaigns. Their staff has been responsive, professional, enthusiastic, thorough, and efficient. I could not ask for a better team to work with!

I highly recommend Spark Collaborative to you.

Kirk Kirlin

Business Coach, Kirlin Coaching

I really appreciate Linsi’s talent! She has always been an out of the box thinker and offers her suggestions in an easy going way. She helped launch my blog three years ago and I always receive compliments on the clever design.

Addtionally, when I have a challenge that comes up she connects me with other talented collaborators to attack the problem, make the change and gets the blog back on its feet again quickly.

I highly recommend Linsi for any project you are contemplating. She will definitely take it to the next level.

Suzanne Stavert

Travel Blogger, Adventures of Empty Nesters

What to expect when you work with Spark Collaborative:

1. Clear, honest communication. We believe it’s important for you to know what we have in mind and why. We also talk like regular people, not technical robots, so that you aren’t forced to learn a whole new language just to complete a project.

2. Professional empowerment. While we believe strongly in taking tasks off your plate, we don’t believe that you should be hands-off with your creative business, marketing or website projects. Our process is very collaborative, and we don’t like building things that are too complicated to teach you how to use (if you want to learn).

3. Rock solid, high quality, beautiful and creative work. We are not here to do anything less.

4. Fun interactions with our team. We are people people. Our passion is being immersed in new projects, and we find you fascinating. Our best work – and that’s all we do – requires interest, enjoyment, and commitment from all sides.

I came to Spark with only an idea that I wanted a logo. I didn’t have a design in mind or even a direction to start. Linsi was extremely helpful brainstorming ideas that fit my personality and business. I was very impressed with the professionalism, speed, and attention to detail. I highly recommend Spark’s services.

Ryan Johnson

Realtor, Keller Williams

It’s so refreshing to work with someone who is super creative and has that unique talent to give you the down to business truth you need to hear. Having worked with her on many client projects it’s been a fab experience to see her in action and to know that she’s a pro that I can count on.

Alycia Wicker

Designer, Alycia Wicker Design

Spark Collaborative was a much needed extended team member. We are accountants, not marketing experts.

Although we knew how we wanted to present ourselves to the market we didn’t know what tactics to pursue and how to execute on them. Linsi really spent the time to understand who we were and how to translate that to copy and collateral.”

Rhett Molitor and Mike Doan

Basis 365 Accounting

Linsi was great fun to work with and far exceeded expectations with my project. She brings high energy, humor, and creativity to our projects. In addition to the excellent work that she did, Linsi also went out of her way to locate and connect me with some other excellent service providers. I look forward to working with Linsi again.

Ted Flittner

Owner, Kinetic Engineering

Linsi has made our collaborations so fluid and feel as though Spark Collaborative is the internal Branding & Marketing department of Ecocentrix Landscape Architecture. We work extraordinarily well together, co-creating as two Designers or Designer Teams with a similarly keen eye for graphic communication. Linsi’s inclusive approach quickly endeared me her vibrant personality and style, and has since allowed me to confidently place all aspects of our marketing in her very capable hands.

Linsi produces fantastically fresh copy and maintains our blogging efforts with a voice that is unmistakably that of our firm’s identity. She and Spark Collaborative further created our current branding that is echoed in all that we do. Through e-campaigns, print collateral, website, blog posts, job signs, holiday mailers, social media, and on… Linsi and her Team have eloquently created and woven all with our branding.

I highly recommend Linsi and Spark Collaborative to any discerning company who is looking to step up their brand development and take their company to that “next level”.

John Feldman

Owner and Principal Designer, Ecocentrix Landscape Architecture

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Linsi to create two beautiful websites, and I would not hesitate to contact her for similar projects in the future. Linsi is knowledgable, experienced, and very professional. She is very skilled at executing the vision that I have for my brands and my websites. I highly recommend Linsi and her team at Spark Collaborative!

Krystal Williams

Owner, Virtual Worker Bees