Join me in this bonus episode, as I recall the wisdom shared by my 9 guests this season and share my biggest a-ha moments from each conversation.

As the interviewer, I got a lot of inspiration and joy from our conversations, but as an entrepreneur and listener it was a slightly different experience. Tune in to see if my biggest insights surprise you – or maybe we shared some of the same moments!

What were your biggest takeaways this season? Let me know, come find me on Instagram @linsibrownson where I stay connected and will be sharing more resources and fun moments between seasons.

I hope this podcast is a great resource for you. Tune in next season for more stories and radical insight…join the email list to stay in the loop!

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A fresh approach to entrepreneur podcasts!

Love how Linsi asks new and different questions, not the same old “How did you do it?” entrepreneurship podcast. This is a great listen for entrepreneurs, both seasoned and new to the game. Linsi is a delightful voice in your earbuds as you probe the lessons we all learn on the small business journey.
Rachael Kay Albers