From “me” to “we.” Stepping up as the CEO of your business, with Tasha Booth.

Hey Maverick! We are back with Season 2 of Spark+Victory Podcast and I could not be more excited about the guests I have lined up for you this time ’round.

We’re kicking it off today with my guest Tasha Booth. She is spunky and hilarious (you gotta follow her on social) and she’s the CEO of The Launch Guild, a virtual assistance and online business management agency (aka full support team at your fingertips).

In this conversation, Tasha shares her story of the pivotal moment that helped her shift from being a VA with a few team members to really embracing her zone of genius and stepping up as the CEO of her business.

If you’re in that spot, where you know you’ve grown out of your role as the person who does all the things, but you’re struggling to really figure out how to get out of your own way, you will LOVE what Tasha shares!

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Fantastic podcast for entrepreneurs!

Amazing podcast! I have been listening to entrepreneur podcasts for years, yet Spark+Victory is so much better and so far above-and-beyond all the rest. Why? For starters, Linsi is an incredible communicator with great passion, great positivity, and great insights to share. Also, Linsi laser-focuses each episode on one new skill that you need to learn to become a successful entrepreneur or grow your existing small business. Linsi keeps each interview short and bite-sized, so you walk away with one distinct actionable item by the end of each episode. Plus, the guests that Linsi has on her show are so personable and so extremely interesting! Not only do you learn a great business tip from each guest, but you also get to hear brief insights into their amazing services & products that you might want to use yourself! Overall, this podcast is simply a phenomenal resource for all entrepreneurs and small business owners.