Create a magnetic brand, with Braden Drake.

Braden Drake kinda broke the mold in his industry. As a practicing lawyer and bookkeeper, he really didn’t want to be (or hang out with) a buttoned up, know-it-all kind of professional.

He wanted the freedom to be his true self, even at work, which included a playful sense of humor, having fun on social media, and working with clients who inspired him.

In our conversation, Braden shares his pivotal moment when he decided to really “let people in” and how it helped him create a brand that attracts not just clients, but raving fans.

If you ever wonder how to find the balance between your real self and your business persona, this is an episode I think you’ll really enjoy! 

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This podcast has been everything I needed to hear, without even knowing I needed to hear it!

Linsi’s lineup boasts so many interesting and informative guests. She’s incredible at interviewing and asking the right questions – but I think the best part is the quality of content. I’ve heard the hard truths I didn’t even know I was missing, and had quite a few laughs along the way. Highly recommend to anyone who has or is starting their own business!!