Money feelings, and following your nightmares with Lynne Somerman.

Lynne Somerman helps entrepreneurs feel less stupid and sad about their money.

Like many helpers of the world, Lynne began learning her craft to save herself. And once she did, she became obsessed with mastering money management in a practical, empowering and dare-I-say-it easy way.

Her presence is reassuring. You can instantly trust her and she makes you feel like everything is gonna be great. This is rare in an aggro industry which focuses on strict rules, deprivation, taking big risks…and basically uses your own shame as the driver to making positive changes. No thanks.

Lynne and I talk about why it can be hard for people (we’re speaking in the context of entrepreneurship, but really this applies to many) to quiet the noise of conflicting advice, and get quality information that actually applies to them. 

She also shares a pivotal moment in her business when she decided to turn away lucrative work as a bookkeeper and focus on coaching, which is what she really wanted to do. She shares what was going on before, during and after that moment – I think this is really inspiring for anyone who is facing that decision as you work to move into your zone of genius and elevate your business (I’m referencing episode 11, in case you missed it!).

Oh, and you’ll have to listen to the end to figure out wth the nightmares part of the title is all about 🙂 I’m seriously considering designing a t-shirt for this. It’d be cool, right?

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Diverse and intuitive, all the feels!

I LOVE Linsi’s interviews and the insights she draws out. There’s so many nuggets of wisdom that come from each interview. Not to mention I LOVE that she dives into mindset and intuition through the entrepreneur’s experience. SO SO interesting and important!