Starting over when your purpose changes, with Scott Rose.

This is a conversation about purpose. Living and working on purpose isn’t always about being in flow. In fact, it’s often uncomfortable and inconvenient, and requires us to challenge our beliefs and recommit many times in the course of our lives.

Sometimes that commitment means changing course and starting something new. My guest today is Scott Rose, a health coach who found his way to coaching after experiencing his own transformation and wanting to help other people do the same. He decided to go all in, and step away from a lucrative business as a computer programmer.

For many years, Scott felt called to his work as a programmer. Until he didn’t anymore.

In this conversation we are talking about his pivotal moment, and what this path means about his purpose, both old and new.

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This podcast has been everything I needed to hear, without even knowing I needed to hear it!

Linsi’s lineup boasts so many interesting and informative guests. She’s incredible at interviewing and asking the right questions – but I think the best part is the quality of content. I’ve heard the hard truths I didn’t even know I was missing, and had quite a few laughs along the way. Highly recommend to anyone who has or is starting their own business!!