Pricing and industry secrets, with Sandra Funk.

Who are my service-based entrepreneurs in the house? This episode is FOR YOU! But even if you’re not providing one-to-one services, I know there will be some gold here. Because we are talking about industry “secrets” (every industry has ’em) and why being willing to share your wisdom with others in your field will always help you.

This is the rising tide phenomenon, perfectly articulated by my guest Sandra Funk. She is an open book when it comes to how she has grown and how she manages her successful interior design firm.

We talk about her pivotal moment of FINALLY learning the best way to price her services, and why she believes that hourly rates are holding everyone back. Phew, this is such a powerful conversation!

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Really enjoying this new podcast! The episode on hiring is hitting me at juuuuuust the right time. Thanks Linsi!
Tracy Leigh Morgan