Having fun makes business better.

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Business Parties.

Business Parties are fun and interactive workshops where you’ll be working ON your business alongside a small group of maverick entrepreneurs like you.

Branding Workshops

Branding is the experience that your customers have with you. Elation is that feeling you get when you totally nail your brand and your favorite people in the world becomes raving fans and customers. Let’s have fun nailin’ it together. 

Join a small group of spirited entrepreneurs for an energizing and eye-opening workshop to define your brand in a way that will make you want to shout “I’m in looove” from the rooftops (maybe virtual rooftops?)!

The snoozefest of branding exercises to identify core values, key demographics and unique selling proposition are boring both you and your customer to death. Discovery Games breaks the mold on branding, using fun and creativity to reignite your spark of passion and get you speaking your customer’s love language.

This event is an online event, hosted on Zoom. 

This is an intimate group workshop where you will walk away with a fresh perspective and a brand guide that you can put to action right away.

Coming Soon!

Brand Party: Surprise and Delight Microsession

The best-kept secret in small business is that successful brands always find new ways to serve their core group of customers. Yep, that’s right. You don’t need tons of customers to have a great business.

What you do need is a solid strategy for keeping your favorite people engaged and buying from you. In this micro-session we put our creative minds together to brainstorm ways to surprise and delight your best customers – with bonus offers, gifts, VIP access…the ideas are endless but we’ll get laser focused on 1 or 2 things you can implement right away to wow your peeps.