Welcome Dear Handmade Life listener. I hope you enjoyed my chat with Delilah and Nicole. They rock!

We covered a lot in our episode, and I think one major takeaway is that quieting the “noise” (distractions, comparisons and fearful or mean little voices in our minds) is essential for getting clear on what we want and deciding how to move things forward.

I loved coaching Delilah for just a few minutes – I wish we’d had more time! She brought up such a great (and common) challenge; Wanting more time for herself but feeling like work always takes priority – also known as work/life imbalance.

If you know Delilah, she is always moving at a crazy pace! She is one of the busiest, most productive people I know. What I really picked up on was her mindset of delayed gratification around this. In her perspective, personal time is a reward that comes after she’s achieved All.The.Things. 

Have you ever felt like that?

I definitely have! As a Thank You for tuning into this episode of the Dear Handmade Life podcast, I am offering 5 listeners a free Laser Coaching Session. To apply, tell me what you want to work on – what would really make a difference for you? Laser Coaching is a 90 minute virtual session where we’ll dive right in to your latest greatest challenge, fear, idea or opportunity! This is where every client journey begins and lemme tell you, it can be pretty powerful. So come prepared to see what’s possible. I look forward to meeting you!

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