5 years ago, I quit Facebook. On Saturday I decided to come back…here’s the real story (this is a #showyourwork share, not a fauxthentic story 🤢where I try to sell something – PINKY PROMISE)

Okay, so I know that everyone (including you) has threatened or actually “quit Facebook” at some point. Because Facebook is a greedy monster. Because it’s too crowded with politics, angry people, and fakey mcfakersons who promise riches overnight if you follow their 7-step formula…yeah, it’s kind of an icky place.

More like an ick vortex where time doesn’t exist. I get it. In fact, here’s a really dumb thing to brag about…I was one of the very first people to quit Facebook in 2011.

I came back months later, and became one of its biggest raving fans. I wrote piles of blog posts and trained business owners on how to use Facebook (and, later, Facebook Ads) to connect with their customers. It worked back then because most people weren’t doing it AT ALL, and those who were, DIDN’T DO IT WELL. There was a lot of opportunity for someone who was willing to invest some energy and creativity into it.

That went on for a few years until Facebook began to truly mutate into its modern form, with more and more people selling without giving a hoot about connecting. It seemed that every other post in our feeds became a fauxthentic rags to riches tale with a conclusion of “buy now.”

I didn’t enjoy being here anymore, and I sure as hell wasn’t going to hop on that filthy bandwagon. So what did I do?

I QUIT AGAIN, obvi. This time it was for real. I left Facebook in 2014 and didn’t come back until a year ago. I snuck back in privately because I was attending a coaching event and all the pre-event details, community and special-access goodies were hosted inside of a group. I was reluctant but wanted to play in the sandbox.

And that’s mostly where I stayed, in a few private groups and my tiny little circle of REAL friends…until 2 days ago.

On Saturday morning I took a step back and a deep breath, and considered a new thought: “Facebook needs me.”

Okay, I’m kidding, kinda. What I mean is that the entrepreneurs I care about are on Facebook (reluctantly/compulsively) and we need BETTER EXAMPLES of real people showing up and connecting in honest, non-icky ways.

We need to be encouraged and reminded of how this platform can give us a deeper connection with others.

My friend Allison Crow is AMAZING at this. She does live videos. Sometimes she’s at her desk sharing really helpful tips and other times she’s out on her patio, 1.25 sheets to the wind, sharing a disappointment she is experiencing in her business and why it’s totally ok to feel things. You get to breathe through it with her, and dammit that is so refreshing!

This is how I try to show up for my fave people, and how I hope you want to show up for your people. My goal is to be a fucking rockstar when it comes to LEADING BY EXAMPLE. And Facebook is a beautiful quagmire of a place to do it.

If I’m gonna sell you on something, I want it to be the idea that we are here for a reason. For connection and shared experiences. Are you with me?