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Radical resources to help entrepreneurs keep on keepin’ on. This page is dedicated to providing you with tools, resources, a boost of confidence, a kick in the pants, a belly laugh, and a giant dose of “been there” camaraderie.

Clarity + Confidence

I want to know my purpose.

1. Listen to Spark+Victory Podcast Episode 1: Are You Cut Out To Be An Entrepreneur?

2. Download the Powerful Purpose Detective Workbook which includes an exercise to figure out what calls to you, and next steps to really dig in decide how to incorporate your passions into your business.

3. Download the FREE Ultimate Business Clarity Visualization + Action Plan.

I want to create something new, or pivot my business.

1. Listen to Spark+Victory Podcast Episode 8: Answering Your Call to Adventure.

I want a boost of confidence.

I want to feel more energized, happier and just...better.

1. Listen to Spark+Victory Podcast Episode 2: Business, A Love Story.

2. Download It’s a Pie-Chart Life worksheet to get clarity on what is a priority.

3. Download the 5 Minute Work Wind-Down Ritual and use your “free time” to really rejuvenate.

CEO Mindset

I want to be more focused, organized + productive.

1. Download the Win Your Week Workbook to get clear on what you will (and won’t) do this week so that you can feel amazing about getting so dang much done.

I want friends in high places.

OMG I hear you! I’m a huge advocate for “surrounding yourself with people who see you.” People who know what you are capable of and will send reminders when you forget (sometimes with a swift kick in the you-know-what.)

1. Listen to Spark+Victory Podcast Episode 5: Together We Thrive. which is all about belonging, and building community.

2. If you’re ready for a year leveling-up alongside amazing entrepreneurs, check out Kickass Masterminds << do not waste your time or money on anything less.

I want to get my business ducks in a row.

1. We manage our client info, book calls, send contracts & invoices, etc. (so much good stuff here) through Dubsado.

2. Check out The Contract Shop, which is an awesome source for contract templates (duh) but also a ton of made-for-you legal documents to make sure your business is totally above board.

3. Coming soon, I’ll be introducing you in Season 2 of Spark+Victory Podcast to Braden Drake, your gay best friend who is a lawyer and can also do your taxes! He’s a gem.

I want to grow my team.

1. Listen to Spark+Victory Podcast Episode 3: So You’re Ready To Hire?

2. Then download Teamwork Makes the Dream Work sheet to get ultra clear on what your role is/isn’t and where you want to hire next.

3. Read Replacing Yourself is Scary as Hell.

4. If you’re not ready to hire but want expert contractors, connect with the Collaborative and we can help you find your perfect team.

Joy + Business

I want to learn more about personality types and how they impact my business.

Yay! This is one of my favorite subjects and it really can be game-changing as a business owner.

1. Check out Marketing Personalities, Free report, which is all about using your Myers-Briggs type to create a marketing strategy that feels good and works!

2. Listen to Spark+Victory Podcast Episode 9: The Business Growth You Won’t See on a Spreadsheet.

3. I’m a big fan of Gretchen Rubin’s The Four Tendencies book and quiz.

4. I also love the Enneagram.which helped me see that my true self wants to shine and go big with my business so I can help way more people!

I want to laugh my ass off while learning valuable marketing tips.

1. The funniest marketing show on the internet (ferreal). You’ve got to check out my friend RKA’s Awkward Marketing show.

2. Listen to Spark+Victory Podcast Episode 7: No Mo’ Business FOMO with guess who? RKA herself.

I want to look at pretty things (errm, visual inspiration).

1. Follow Linsi on Instagram where she shares photos, videos, stories and quick-tips using her favorite medium > pretty pictures!

2. Follow Linsi on Pinterest where she shares her curated collections of design, art, fashion, food and holiday inspiration.