Revv it up: Your Action PlanRevv it up: Your Action Plan

Revv it up, Part 5: Your ACTION Plan

Over the last several weeks we’ve been breaking down the 5 (simple) steps to plan for your best year in business.  If you’re just joining us, take a look at what we’ve covered so far:

Week 1: A year in review

Week 2: Bigger thinking = better results

Week 3: Ready, Set, Goals

Week 4: Money Talks


And Now…[Drumroll] it’s time to put this all together and create your ACTION Plan.

With a plan, you know what to do when you get to work every day.  Without a plan, you spend all day sharing funny pictures of dogs on Facebook.  You can call that “relationship building” – I call that wasting your time.  And makin’ it rain with imaginary cash.

business savvy: make it rain with cash

Your Action Plan


List out your BIG Picture Goals – you may find it useful to use something visual, like the chart below.  If so, set up a different chart for each major goal. [Example: Launch a book]

Spark Collaborative Recommended ACTION Plan


List out the Milestone goals for each BIG goal (need a refresher?  Read about Goal Setting).  It may help clarify even further if you plan these by quarter.


Action Steps

List out the detailed tasks to accomplish your Milestones.



How will you accomplish your goal?  Do you need money?  Manpower?  Workspace?  Graphic design?

Write down all the elements that need to come together.  This includes assigning tasks to yourself or others.


Due Date

Set a date to accomplish each action step (This is why it’s sometimes helpful to set Milestones by quarter)

That’s your ACTION plan in a nutshell.

Finally, determine a regular time and place where you’ll commit to working on your plan.

Did you find this series useful?  I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.