I have been in business a long time (and I’ve started 3 companies) and still sometimes feel a wave of panic that I’ve missed, or forgotten, or simply don’t know something critical about the legality of my businesses…and obviously that means things are going come crashing down all around me any day now.

That was effectively dramatic, right?! And I cannot tell you how many intelligent, established business owners I talk to who confide that they do not have a standard contract in place for clients. Or they have been meaning to file their corporation, or set up a new bank account, or add those GDPR terms to their website and day…and now I’m not even being dramatic. This is just true.

You guys, we’re busy – I get it! And paperwork sucks. But what sucks MORE is that pesky doom wave because it likes to crest at 3am or when I’m in the middle of being creative. And of course the worst worst suck is that your fears could come true. Just wait until you hear Spark+Victory PodcasEpisode 4 with Sara Christensen. OMG.

So what you do you? Well you can’t anticipate everything, but you can create a foundation that gives you peace of mind – and stay in the mindset that one of your roles as the leader of your business is to protect it. The Contract Shop is a grrreat resource for creative businesses at every level. They have highly specific contract and other document templates for tons of different business types, checklists to help you regularly audit your business and a thorough but clear education on the legalese that we must learn.

One of the smartest things you can do is not assume things are fine simply because you’re small or new or have a contract that you ripped off from a blog post (ahem, I’ve done that). This is an affiliate link so if you buy something I’ll get dollas to help fund the podcast (yay, thanks!).

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