the CLARITY session

You are proud to be a small business owner. This is more than a job to you, it’s an identity.


Let’s talk about this identity though. Because it’s not quite what you had in mind, is it?

What you want is to be BOSS OF THINGS, using your creative superpowers to come up with cool ideas that make your clients go bananas. In this vision, you wake up energized, have the perfect morning routine, and don’t feel rushed but you’re excited AF to go to work. 

And then there’s how you actually feel most days. Overwhelmed by the bajillion things on your list, unfocused and frankly a bit mad at yourself for not having this $h!t all figured out by now. You have a laundry list of “shoulds” but you keep hearing about how you shouldn’t “should” yourself so, seriously, wtf? 


Your days feel both lightning fast and like you keep re-living groundhog day. You work too damn hard to still be struggling for money, to still be unclear on where your business is going, to still be trying to strike some kind of balance so that you don’t have to constantly blow off your friends or give your family vacant nods as they tell you about their day.


That’s the day to day. Thinking “big picture” about your business seems like such a luxury, on par with that self-care thing that you’re totally going to get to one of these days.

And when you get a moment to think about the things you want to do…instant IBS. How you gonna make those things happen? You need way more time, money and energy for that, right?

You need

the CLARITY session

This session will help you feel like a friggin’ badass, because you are one. You’re just caught up in your day to day AND being blasted with bs about how your business is supposed to look, and it’s giving you serious anxiety. We’re gonna quiet that noise so you can see what you really need to see.

the CLARITY session:

1. Relieves you from overwhelm, confusion and frustration. When you have a problem, where do you go? To your friend? A therapist? Your mother? Google? Instead of spending your energy trying to figure out your problem, and who can help you solve it, you get clarity and renewed confidence that you know exactly what to do next.

2. Is where you bring #allthethings that have been swirling inside your head. Lay it all on the table and we’ll sort it together.

  • The recent mistake that has you feeling like a dummy.
  • The frustration about a team member who isn’t pulling their weight.
  • The guilt about forgetting your bff’s Birthday.
  • The brilliant idea you just don’t have time to explore.

3. Stops you from wasting one more iota of your time, money and energy.

There is a common thread that runs through the obstacles in your life and business – I call these parallels. For most people, their biggest pain points are all caused by ONE PROBLEM.

As soon as we uncover your real problem you can stop wasting your money and time trying to put out a bunch of fires, and focus your energy on what will actually give you what you want.

4. Puts intention toward your hopes and dreams. When you’re in survival mode, it’s hard to be clear on what you really want. And let’s be real, you’ve been knocked down a little, and had to adjust your expectations. So sometimes it even feels silly to say what you want out loud.

Not here, friend, we’re getting real and honest about WHAT LIGHTS YOU UP and you get to recommit to yourself.

The details.

The CLARITY session is a 2 hour private coaching intensive with Linsi (that’s me, hi).

The price is $300. This is a one-time session.

You will have breakthroughs and leave the CLARITY session feeling like a weight has been lifted. You’ll feel renewed energy and focus, and be excited to get back to work. 

To Get Started.

Step 1: Send a message below. If you have any questions or need help deciding if this is right for you, just let me know in your message!

Step 2: Schedule your session. I’ll connect with you within 1 business day, and send you the link to schedule your session, or the link to schedule a 15 minute intro call. From there, you can schedule and pay to confirm the session.

Step 3: Prep for your session. Once your session is confirmed, you’ll receive a questionnaire that will help you begin getting clarity on where you are now and the results you want to have. On average this takes about 20 minutes to complete.

Submit the questionnaire at least 1 business day before your session, I will tailor your session based on where you want to go.

Post-Session: If you want to keep working together after the CLARITY session, I offer a 3 month private coaching program where we will:

  • Evaluate and align every area of your business and life so that you have the time, money and energy to enjoy your life and accomplish what you really want.
  • Work on your brand, business model, your mindset, marketing, time management, leadership, personal communication, and anything you need to make success inevitable!
  • Bust through limiting beliefs, and plan and work toward your big goals with ease.

*I can only work privately with a few people at a time, so this must be a hell-yes for both of us! There will be no sales pitch, if you’re interested let’s have an honest conversation and make a strong decision you feel great about.

Are you ready to schedule the CLARITY session?

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