Back when we had our furniture company, we put a lot of emphasis on the provenance (story) behind our pieces. I believe that what we choose to surround ourselves with matters, including the objects in our home. Stories create powerful connections.

Was just flipping through the current Wisteria catalog and this one made me smile. It’s such a specific example, and not one that would appeal to most of the people in my immediate world (Hercule who?)… but I’m an Agatha Christie fan (ahem, nerd) and was instantly transported with the visual.

And more than that, it created a sense of belonging and connection. Between me, the brand and the other readers who relate to this example as well.

When you tell stories that are so specific to your audience that ONLY THEY will get it, you make them feel seen and understood. You delight them with this “inside joke” between the two of you – imagine your customers feeling like you are friends who just spent the weekend together. That’s the best!

How can you give your perfect customers a wink and a nod, to let them know you get them?