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Hi, I’m Linsi Brownson

My mission is to help spirited entrepreneurs recognize their own greatness.

I am a Coach and Creative Director of Spark Collaborative. My nickname for entrepreneurs like us is “Maverick” –  because I believe that we each have a unique purpose and a mighty challenge.

We decide to set out on our own, with no true roadmap. In order to succeed we must accept that we will face both extreme joy and struggle, forever and always as we continue to rise.

And that’s fantastic.

Truly. We may have moments when we yearn for the simplicity of another life, but deep in our gut we know that we would never be satisfied by doing anything other than what we are compelled to do.

I created Spark Collaborative to be the source you need in this moment.

Whether it’s inspiration, a confidence boost, accountabilityperspective, hands-on support, tips and toolsconnection…my goal is to be your go-to.

Keep on, Maverick,

What do you need right now?

“I need some quick inspiration, relatable stories, and simple reminders to get me motivated.”

“I know I am capable of great things, but tired of doing this alone. I need personal support to help me step into my bigger vision.”

“I need expert hands to help me get things done and get my project(s) launched!”