Life Owners.

You started a business to give yourself freedom and joy in your work.


Lately you’re feeling more stuck than free; spinning your wheels and putting out fires. You are trying your damnedest to stay inspired, but honestly, you’re just going through the motions right now.

As a small business owner, your work is personal. Your business is a vehicle that depends on you to drive it, and your energy is the fuel.

When you are running on empty and don’t know where you’re going, the chances of making it to your destination in one piece are not great.

So let’s pull over, refuel and take a look under the hood.

Maybe you’re burnt out from the constant scramble to market, sell, deliver, rinse, repeat.

Or dizzy bouncing from idea to idea trying to figure out exactly who your audience is and how to get them to buy from you.

Perhaps you’ve tapped every resource you can think of for generating cash, and still comin’ up short.

Whatever the cause, the effect is that you’re not loving your business anymore. And it’s costing you more than you realize.

Overwhelm is a business expense.

Distraction has an ROI.

Confusion is an obstacle to your goals.

Let’s end these cycles that grind your gears and keep getting you stuck.

We’ll tune up the vital areas of your business so that it starts working for you right away, and put you back on course toward a destination that excites you.

ALIGN YOUR BUSINESS AND LIFE so that you are clear on what success looks and feels like at every stage (and kick comparison syndrome to the curb).

ZERO IN ON YOUR OFFERS that bring you joy and earn the right kind of money, so you can laser focus your message to sell what you want to sell.

MAGNETIZE YOUR BRAND to connect with your perfect people. Get them excited about who you are and how you help them by being ultra-clear and totally yourself.

BE A SMOOTH OPERATOR by getting things organized, developing processes and making your work more efficient. Develop solid work habits so that you trust yourself with all your goals and feel more accomplished and in control of your days.

STREAMLINE YOUR MARKETING to get traction and generate leads without getting sucked into the vortex of endless content creation (especially if you are a content creator)!

MAKE POWERFUL DECISIONS as the CEO of your life and business. You are a leader, and once you embrace this you can step into your power to solve problems, make choices and communicate with others in a way that truly serves. This is a process of both letting go AND building new habits in your life. It takes dedication, but the payoff is having an incredible life and business. 

Choose your adventure

Get Clarity.

Learn more about the CLARITY session.

Get unstuck and uncover the exact steps that will get your business back on track.

This single session is perfect if you need to hit REFRESH and get perspective on what to do next. 


Uplevel Your Business.

Learn more about the business accelerator.

This is a 6 month coaching program to train, guide and support you to:

  • Revitalize your business and brand.
  • Organize your days and optimize your work time.
  • Plan and implement your ideas.
  • Sell what you wanna sell.


Let’s talk for a few, I can help you decide which move is best for you.

Hi, I’m Linsi Brownson.

I coach small business owners to rediscover the spark in their business.

Over 12 years as a brand strategist, creative director and coach, I have worked with hundreds of small business owners to align their business with the lifestyle they want to have.

I combine mindset, business strategy, leadership, operations, sales, branding and marketing. This is the whole shebang, a holistic coaching approach that meets every business owner exactly where they are at, and supports them in getting to where they want to go.