Business Owners.

Get unstuck. Overpower overwhelm. Love your LIFE.

You can’t hustle your way to HAPPINESS.

You are passionate, talented, creative and smart. You have work ethic up the wazoo. And you started a business so that you could have more freedom, love your life, and make a bigger impact.

Which is great, except the reality is that your life doesn’t look anything like the way you thought it would…

Maybe you are:

  • Getting results inch by inch. You’re working yourself to the bone to bring in new business, serve the clients you have, pay attention to the people and dogs you love, and think about the future! (Time “off” right now is just not a thing.) You want to find some freakin’ balance, keep everyone happy and continue building on the success you’ve worked so hard for.

  • Spinning in confusion. There are a bajillion directions you could go on your road to success, and every option seems compelling at first. You often go down the rabbithole of promises made by marketers (and coaches!) and find yourself buying into systems that never quite seem to work for you. You want a roadmap you believe in, with clear directions so you can get traction and move forward now.

  • Reluctantly going through the motions. Let’s be honest, you’ve fallen out of love. Your business doesn’t seem sexy anymore, and you aren’t really sure how to rekindle that spark. You don’t want to walk away…but then again, you kinda do. What you really want is to reconnect with your purpose and fall madly in love with your business again (in a totally healthy and sustainable way).

I get it, and I’ve got you! 

I am here to help you reclaim your energy and restore the brilliance in your business.

Hi, I’m Linsi Brownson.

I am a coach for solo and small business owners who want their business to be a meaningful part of their life.

Over 12 years as a brand strategist, creative director and coach, I have worked with hundreds of small business owners to align their business with the lifestyle they want to have.

I combine mindset, business strategy, leadership, operations, sales, branding and marketing. This is the whole shebang, a holistic coaching approach that meets every business owner exactly where they are at, and supports them in getting to where they want to go.