be brilliant

in your


Say buh-bye to burnout, overwhelm and overworking. We’ve got your back.

You can’t hustle your way to HAPPINESS.

You are passionate, talented, creative and smart. You have work ethic up the wazoo. And you started a business to create the freedom, impact and income you want.

But running your business is, frankly, exhausting. There are endless to-dos and problems to solve. You have tons of great ideas, and know you need to be planning ahead.

Often, your days end with you feeling behind and outta steam, which makes it nearly impossible to get into your creative zone of genius.


You want:

  • More JOY in your work.

  • Better RESULTS for all the effort you put in.

  • CLARITY on what works (and what doesn’t, so you can let that sh*tuff go)!

  • Work-Life BALANCE. As in, stop sacrificing your life for your work.

  • A SYSTEM to be organized and on-top of your internal projects, client work, marketing and all-the-things.

  • ^^ PEACE OF MIND ^^ that comes from all this.

Good news!

We can help you reclaim your energy and restore brilliance in your business + life.

Start here if you are stuck or confused about your next move. If you’re experiencing burnout, having escape fantasies, dealing with personal illness or feeling like your business and life are battling it out in a death-match.

Start here if you know what you need to do and want reliable hands-on-deck to get it done. If your current systems need a tune-up, or you want help hiring or training an internal team.

Hi, I’m Linsi Brownson.

Over 12 years as a brand strategist, creative director and coach, I have worked with hundreds of small business owners to align their business with the lifestyle they want to have.

I combine mindset, business strategy, leadership, operations, sales, branding and marketing. This is the whole shebang, a holistic coaching approach that meets every business owner exactly where they are at, and supports them in getting to where they want to go.