We help creative entrepreneurs get clear and laser focused, to find amazing clients and work on projects that light them up!

You have important work to do.

Spark Collaborative is designed to help spirited service businesses succeed. We are your go-to resource for growing your business in a way that feels fun, is highly profitable and connects you with clients who value your work.

You won’t get very far while floating in the sea of sameness. Spark Collaborative is here to help you rise above that, and set your brand apart so that your clients can confidently hire you.

We provide Business Coaching to get you laser focused on doing the work that matters. Step into your role as leader and visionary.

Our Branding, Operations, Website & Marketing expertise shines a spotlight on what your company does best.

Quit working inside a bubble.

Small businesses thrive through collaboration and community.

Surround yourself with people who can support the work you do.

Spark Collaborative was designed to help purpose-driven business owners thrive.

We partner with people who want to do meaningful work (even if you don’t know exactly what it looks like…yet).

Is this you?

“I want to impact others in a positive way, while growing as a person and a leader.”

“I want more freedom and satisfaction in my work.”

“I am committed to trying new things and letting go of what doesn’t serve me, my business or my family.”

“I am not willing to sell myself short or be a slave to my business because I am afraid to go after bigger opportunities.”

“I am ready to partner with the people who can help me create the business I truly want.”

Minutes into our first session, my mind was blown! Linsi understood me and my business right away and was able to come up with great ideas on how to reach exactly the people I enjoy working with. This was just the ‘spark’ I needed to take my business to the next level. Matt McGrane

Laboratory for Sustainable Design

Linsi is an enormously talented professional. Her innate sense of creativity, branding and marketing are reflected not only in the clients she helps serve, but in her personal projects as well. I highly value her knowledge and sincerely recommend her expertise!

Kristina Gulino

Nook & Sea

Take a Vision Adventure with me!

Take a Vision Adventure with me!

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